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Executive Channel Network

Content Capture
Campaign Creation

As a leading provider of digital OOH screens to offices across the globe, Executive Channel Network (ECN) were in a commanding position coming into 2020. Introduce a global pandemic that reshapes human behaviour and results in millions of offices around the world to shut down and what’s left is a different topography for a business that depends on a demand for office activity.


Fast-forward two years and Executive Channel Network are faced with the task of re-communicating the importance of office-life and the responsibility and opportunity that property-owners and brands have respectively to the workforce who use these spaces day-in, day-out


As part of this communication, ECN tasked us to plan and produce a series of brand videos that demonstrate the ‘buzz’ of office life and the human connections that are formed. Titled ‘life lives here’, the campaign needed appeal to brand and property partners alike, as ECN work to remind their audience of the importance and ongoing need for in-office engagement.



To produce the campaign, we worked across 3 main phases: pre-production & planning, the shoot, post-production & localisation.

Pre-production included the development of the idea in partnership with ECN, along with storyboarding and talent sourcing, working with external agencies to find a suitable group of people to reflect office life in London, Paris and Berlin.

The shoot consisted of a 1-day schedule based in central London. We shot with a full production team, including director, videographer, 2nd camera, lighting technician and assistant.

The project involved a comprehensive post-production phase to ensure the edit requirements were met. This included cuts for both web and social dimensions, along with full localisation for 3 different market

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