As COVID19 engulfs the worlds media, the question of how this will impact social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter start cropping up amongst marketeers and general users alike. How will engagement levels be impacted? Will people look for other forms of entertainment while working at home? Will a new star shine through where others fail...

The honest answer is, we are unsure. This is an unprecedented event, one that many of us have never experienced before. We can however take a look at some of the data and provide some tips and tricks for these uncertain times.

Social media is in constant flux, especially during times of pandemic. Things are changing daily, however, engagement levels are currently down across the board. Instagram seems to have taken the brunt of the downturn, seeing a 14% drop in engagement this week. This drop has been put down to the fact that fewer people use Instagram to read news or connect with family members.

But it's not all doom and gloom. At least it doesn't have to be.

In uncertain times comes great opportunity for those with the ability and determination to be agile, consistent and continue to invest in their customers and wider audience. We have worked alongside many of our clients to react quickly and respond with with outputs that many big corporations can't turn around in 12 months.

As behaviours, working environments and routines change for many people around the world, brands will have to be smarter. Social distancing and isolation rules will reduce the number of physical touch-points consumers will be exposed to; digital has the opportunity to reach new heights if done correctly, as a tool to ensure loyalty, engagement, happy customers and continued growth. How will you react?

Stay safe.


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