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Don't Post and Ghost!

The urban dictionary defines ‘Post and Ghost’ as ‘When you post something somewhere, but you don’t stick around for the reception.’ We define it as social media self-destruction.

There are multiple ways to build engagement, by having a consistent, regular output to your pages, interacting with other accounts in the industry and just sticking around to view the analytics.

The current social media algorithm is very much in favour of those accounts who spend time interacting with others, and those who post regularly. If you comment under 5 other posts, you are visible in 5 new locations on that platform, which makes sense, right? Posting regularly and interacting with other accounts gets your content pushed to your audience’s feed.

Another way to boost engagement is paid advertisement! By boosting your posts and putting a small budget behind it allows your content to appear on a lot more screens. Understandably, most small businesses wouldn’t practice this tactic, posting and ghosting is easier for busy business owners and it’s also free. However, putting time, effort and money into your social media strategy gives you a better chance of succeeding.

Reviewing your analytics after posting helps you gain insight into what content works for your page and what your audience doesn’t resonate with so much. You can only view your insights on the mobile app currently, you will find the button on your profile (on your business account.)

The most important statistics to look at to get a clear read would be ‘reach’ and ‘engagement.’ This will give you extremely valuable insight, allowing you to be more strategic with your content plan going forward. It also shows a reading of which times are most attractive for your audience.

It is harder to build a solid message from your insights if you are posting inconsistently; or not reviewing your post analytics weekly or even monthly. Our advice to business owners is to avoid ‘posting and ghosting,’ take time to review what works well with your audience; interact with other accounts and watch your engagement grow.


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