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Stories with Substance: The Importance of Showcasing Your Brand's Personality Through Creative Idea

META: Unlock the power of brand personality and storytelling to captivate consumers and authentically elevate your brand's presence.

Source - Alt: A female branding expert pieces together a brand’s story through video

Nowadays, every brand seems to have a personality. 

Meta is sleek and modern. Apple is designer, innovative, and forward-thinking. Innocent smoothies is fun and cheeky. Your local garden centre is homely and natural.

Yorkshire Tea got the right idea when Storm Eunice hit the UK back in 2022 when BigJetTV went viral (hitting over 200,000 concurrent viewers) - effectively a live stream that showed planes struggling to land at Heathrow in the windy conditions.

And they weren’t afraid to get personal with people replying:

You see the images that come to mind when you think of pretty much any brand, that feeling even the thought gives you? Well, that's the brand's personality, and it's what makes a brand truly memorable.

Now, how do people feel or think when they think of your business?

Every business has a personality, and if you're not actively working on yours, then your brand is whatever people are thinking of you themselves. Take control of this element, and you can set your brand apart in today's crowded marketplace.

And how do you take control of such a powerful concept?

Quite simply, through storytelling.

However, crafty storytelling isn't just about narrating; it's about infusing your brand's distinctive personality into tales that touch the hearts and minds of your audience.

In today's guide, we cover everything you need to know when blending storytelling and brand personality, a duo that crafts an indelible mark on your audience. 

For marketers and business owners across the UK, this guide illuminates the pathway to making your brand not just seen but felt. 

Let's get into it.

The Power of Storytelling

Source - Alt: A videographer holds a camera up in front of his face

Storytelling is everywhere nowadays, so much so that we don't even see it. But we do feel it.

The most cliched example would be basically any Christmas ad you see on TV. Oh look, Dad's got home from work and fallen asleep by the fire. Mum's been working hard in the kitchen prepping Christmas lunch while the kids run around playing with each other and their new toys beautifully.

Aw, now look, Grandma and Grandpa have come around, and they've bought a beautiful £80 bottle of whiskey for when the kids are in bed. All the adults laugh cheekily together and settle down for the afternoon movie.

You can see this classic picture clearly in your mind's eye. We've seen this kind of advert for decades, and it tells a story of how perfect a Christmas morning can be, and hey, why not save a pretty penny when you shop with us, they usually end by saying.

Now, this is a classic ad, and it's pretty cheesy at this point. 

These days, you can do so much more, and you can do it so much better.

What we're aiming for is to tell a story that connects with the audience and causes them to feel an emotion. This can be whatever emotion you like, but it speaks the language of your target audience.

At the end of the day, you, as a business, are here to serve and provide value to the lives of your customers, and telling the right story helps said customers understand whether you're right for them.

Over time, this creates an effect where when your audiences see your brand, they don't just as a name or logo but a character they recognise, understand, and ultimately, trust.

Now, compare that with hard-selling techniques. 

An overt sales pitch might seem compelling at the moment, but it often lacks the sticking power of a well-crafted story. Or a cold email that ends up straight in the trash folder.

It's just not as effective. When the voice and characteristics of your brand come to life in a narrative, it resonates with customers on more profound levels. It's a connection that intensifies loyalty and transforms one-off clients into long-term advocates.

Brand Personality: It's Not Just a Logo

Source - Alt: Someone holding their iPhone camera up showing the Nike tick on their jumper

On the other side of the coin, we have a brand personality, which, as this subheading above suggests, is more than just a logo.

Take a minute to watch and remember this famous UK Cadbury’s ad…

You see how they've gone for a funny, silly, high energy take? Well, that's their brand personality shining through via their storytelling mechanic. Which, in this case, is a video ad.

Compare it with this video ad.

See the difference in personality? 

It's time to start thinking of your brand having a personality like this, whether it's warm, formal, professional, authoritative, hip, or whatever. It's whatever language your target audience speaks.

It's a personality like this that will direct your storylines, detail what emotions you want to resonate with, and make a brand relatable, transforming it from a mere entity to something with a character and values its customers can connect with.

Think of a standard handyman, weed-killer, fence preserve-type ad. It's always a happy man struggling to get the job done but can now do it easily when they find this product.

The personality of these ads? 

Typically light, hard-working, to the point, and always aiming to get the job done fast and right. Surprisingly similar to the people they're selling to.

What about these other examples?

  • Playful: Brands like Skittles charm their audience with a cheerful and light-hearted vibe. Their communications are filled with puns and playful images, making health-focused products feel fun.

  • Sophisticated: On the other end, Jaguar presents a polished and refined image. They represent luxury and performance, appealing to an audience that values elegance and superior design.

  • Authoritative: The Economist, with its analytical and insightful approach, cultivates an image of authority and intelligence, attracting readers seeking an in-depth understanding of global issues.

Oh, and this isn't just relevant for video ads. The cohesion of your brand's personality across all platforms and campaigns is critical. 

It guides your marketing choices, from the tone of your copy to the style of your visuals, ensuring consistency that your audience appreciates. 

This consistent character is what builds recognition and trust over time, shaping how your audience feels and interacts with your brand.

How Authenticity and Substance Intersect

Hold up, we know what you're thinking. 

Striking emotions? Making your audience feel things? Putting this much thought into how people perceive your brand?

Isn't this all a bit manipulative?

Well, it can be and has been for a long time.

Think back to the cigarette companies of the 80s that claimed they had your best interests at heart. Or the weight loss pill company that just wants you to be your true, confident self.

These brands play on our insecurities, and while they're still prevalent, their impact is fading in today's world. 

These days, in an ocean of 'perfect' images and overly polished narratives, superficial storylines can be spotted from a mile away, and customers are becoming increasingly savvy to these tricks.

Sure, these might create a momentary shimmer, but they often fail to strike that deeper connection with the audience. Audiences crave narratives with substance—stories that offer valuable insights, genuine solutions, or provoke meaningful thought.

They crave authenticity and realism, and if you're able to pivot and present your brand in this genuine manner, you're setting yourself up for not just success but a legitimate legacy.

Creative Storytelling Avenues

Let's break down some of the ways you can make the most of your brand personality through storytelling, showcasing just how creative you can be.

  • Case Studies: Channel your brand personality through case studies that double as success stories. They not only showcase your brand's solutions to real-world challenges but also act as a canvas where your brand personality comes to life.

  • Behind-The-Scenes: Peel back the curtain with behind-the-scenes content. Showcasing your team, work processes and company culture is a natural way to highlight the real people behind your brand, reinforcing its personality traits.

  • Community Building & User-Generated Content: Embrace the power of your online community. User-generated content provides an authentic viewpoint to your brand's narrative, presenting a complementary perspective to your brand personality.

  • Visual Content: Leverage visuals like video and infographics to present complex ideas. Well-executed, these can evoke emotion, simplifying your message while enhancing your brand's personality outreach.

  • Brand Mascot or Representative: A brand mascot or representative can personify your brand's values and traits in an attractive and accessible form. Think of the GEICO Gecko or Flo from Progressive; these characters are iconic representations of their brand's personality that audiences associate with.


Now, it's over to you.

Stop slogging through your marketing strategy and hoping for the best, and instead, start getting proactive and real. Think about how your brand can tell stories about its products and services and even your own history or the direction you're heading.

Consider how you can define your brand's personality in a way that's true to you and resonate in an authentic, caring way with your customers.

Through these powerful narratives showcased through creative avenues, we forge deeper connections, sculpting brands that not only stand out but stand for something in the minds of consumers.

Need a hand? 

Here at Three2, we're experts in storytelling, marketing, and branding. Essentially, everything you need to build a brand that doesn't just exist but lives in the hearts of its audience.

Ready to infuse your marketing with stories that resonate and a personality that shines? 

Contact us at THREE2 today, share what you need, and we'll help you take your business to new heights.


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