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The Power of the Insta Collab

Are you looking for new ways to promote your business, increase your engagement and expand your reach? The collaboration feature on Instagram could be what you need.

You might be thinking ‘Instagram already allows users to tag people in their posts, why collaborate?’ Well… let us explain.

The collaboration feature allows two accounts to co-author Instagram posts and reels, appearing on double the screens and reaching a wider pool of audiences. The posts will then live on both of your profiles, sharing all insights with one another (likes, comments, saves) and appearing within both communities.

Increasing engagement for your brand or business is a great benefit that is seen through using the collaboration feature. Hitting double the pairs of eyes increases the chance of them liking, commenting, and sharing the content, helping your engagement rate and subsequently having a positive impact on your place in the algorithm.

This feature allows brands to collaborate with influencers or content creators, as opposed to having the subtle ‘brand partnership’ stamp on their posts. It is also a great way to avoid duplicating posts, saving time by posting just once and streamlining the questions in the comment section.

Ideas on how to use this feature for your brand:


If there is one way to boost your engagement, amplify reach and grow your following, it’s hosting a giveaway. They are a great excuse to collaborate with another brand or influencer – plus they are an enjoyable way to get the public to interact with your account. With a fantastic prize on offer, you can be sure to see the follower count soar in no time.

Double the eyes on your account, double the opportunity to grow your account and giveaway free goodies with a complementary brand!


Collaborating with influencers and content creators has always been a great marketing tool for businesses using the app (aka everyone.) This feature has just made this strategy 10x better.

Having an influencer (who fits your target audience) as a co-author of a post, helps you break into a new space on Instagram, accumulating new followers and potential conversions.


The power of user generated content is taken to another level with the collab feature. Interacting with content produced by your followers show the authenticity and personality of your brand.

Encouraging your followers to tag you as a collaborator in their grid posts gets your name on more screens and also builds your content bank for your business. It is also a fun way to shout out your loyal customers/followers.

Now it’s your turn to try it out… Time to maximise your discoverability and engagement. Follow our step by step below to set up your first collaborative post.

1. Create a post like you normally would

2. Go to ‘Tag People’

3. Invite a collaborator (next to ‘add tag’)

4. Wait for the collaborator to accept your request


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